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Livermore Mechanical, Air Conditioning & Heating has been repairing and replacing heaters and furnaces with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We offer same day furnace repair service, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and always get our furnace repair right the first time. Our heating repair and maintenance technicians are reliable, professional, and well trained. You Can Trust Livermore Mechanical!

Heating Repair to Stay Warm this Winter

Heater Service as The East Bay’s most trusted heater and furnace repair specialists, our furnace repair technicians are ready to resolve any heating system problem you have, with any furnace brand and model. Heater and furnace problems we’ve helped Califonia residents and businesses with such repairs as:

  • Reduced airflow and air quality
  • Limited heat from Heat Pumps
  • HVAC system design and load calculation
  • Bypass-duct malfunctions on Zoned Heating systems
  • Poorly designed or sized duct systems
  • Broken thermostats
  • Burned out motors and damaged fan belts
  • Electric ignition problems
  • Erratic cycling on and off

 When the heating system in your home needs repairs, from simple maintenance to extensive overhauls, Livermore Mechanical is the Best choice in the East Bay for guaranteed furnace repairs that last.

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Why Choose Livermore Mechanical?

Livermore Mechanical, Inc. is a family owned and operated HVAC service company providing prompt and reliable service to commercial businesses and residential customers.

Our  Star Certified Technicians are highly trained and possess the skills and experience needed to resolve all of your heating and cooling needs. No matter how great  or small, we will provide fast, quality solutions to your satisfaction.

 Livermore and East Bay has counted on us for air conditioning service  because we: 

  • Are always professional and friendly
  • Are available to you 24×7 for air conditioning repairs and maintenance
  • Give you a 100% guarantee—and we always do the job right the first time
  • Are HVAC system experts for testing, sealing, certification, design, and load calculation
  • Give you free estimates on replacing HVAC equipment
  • Help you save money with energy company rebates

Our Mission

To provide our customers with quick and reliable HVAC and mechanical services. As a local family-owned business we look to prove that our responsiveness and honesty is what will set us apart from the competition.

Common Questions

How do I know when my unit needs to be replaced?

If your furnace is struggling to keep your home warm, it might be past the point where routine maintenance can help. The heating contractors at Livermore Mechanical offer the most comprehensive, technically advanced heating system repair services, so when your heater goes haywire, call us to set it right.

If you notice any of the following warning signs, call Livermore Mechanical immediately for  furnace repair:

  • Rising energy bills
  • Uneven heating
  • Odd noises coming from your furnace
  • Cold air coming from vents
  • Furnace cycling on and off
  • Pilot light is burnt out

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