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Furnace & HVAC System Tune-Up Special

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24 Point Inspection Included!

  • Inquire & discuss any system operation & special concerns
  • Replace air filter
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Clean evaporator coil
  • Clean & Clear condensate drain
  • Clean condenser fan blade & tighten blade set screw to motor
  • Inspect & tighten all major electrical connections
  • Inspect ductwork for air leaks and proper insulation
  • Check & record amp draw of compressor
  • Check & record amp draw of condenser fan motor
  • Check & record amp draw of indoor fan motor
  • Check & record suction refrigerant pressure

Plus 19 More!

  • Check & record discharge refrigerant pressure
  • Check & record temperature differential between rooms (5* max between rooms)
  • Check & record temperature differential across evaporator coil (17*-21*)
  • Check & record Superheat & Subcooling of refrigerant system
  • If indoor motor is belt driven, replace belt, and inspect sheaves/pulleys
  • Check circuit board for scorch marks and/or burn marks & discoloration
  • Visually inspect copper refrigerant lines for loose or leaking connections
  • Visually inspect condensing units for proper installation & any signs of damage
  • Check thermostat for proper installation, mounting, & settings
  • Check & record voltage to furnace and condensing unit
  • Gas furnace, check gas pressure at furnace gas valve, adjust if needed.
  • Provide report of all recorded data & findings
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